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Larry's VLF site is a proud member of The INSPIRE Project; a collaboration of people fascinated by the wonders of science relating to Very Low Frequency research.

Image above: Recording VLF Emissions in the field - April 29, 2006

Welcome to Larry's Very Low Frequency site!

Listening to and recording Natural Radio emissions (a term established by Michael Mideke) is an exciting hobby for all ages. The goal of this web site is to provide a glimpse into the captivating experience of listening to radio signals blasting out of the Earth's Magnetosphere, Ionosphere, and Thunderstorms.

Introduction to VLF Emissions

A very simple and inexpensive AC comb filter

Using a portable reverb to filter AC hum and harmonics


New Online Electronics Store!

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Build your own VLF Receiver

Knowledgeable with electronics? This page will help you understand the basics of designing a receiver circuit for very low frequencies.

Team 19 Observations

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