Problems in Fresno, California


Graffiti is a major problem in Fresno. However there is hope! Everyone and anyone can and should help to remove it. This page will not address the cause of graffiti, only how to remove it after it appears. The why and how is a subject that I will address on my community page. 

Any surface is a target, in fact I have seen graffiti on a finely trimmed hedge! Most of the city-owned street signs are made of graffiti-resistant material, some are not. The easy way to remove graffiti is to remove it quickly! The longer it stays the harder it sticks. Also less chemicals are needed to break up the paint or whatever was used. Another phenomena is that graffiti mostly appears in multiples and can get out of hand if not removed promptly.

Removing graffiti unfortunetly requires dangerous chemicals in many cases. I cannot stress enough about SAFETY when working with highly flammable solvents; wear eye protection and chemical resistant gloves! 

Listed below is the most common types of surfaces that are prone to graffiti and ways to restore the surface back to normalcy.
  • Wood Telephone / power pole & anchor guy line
  • Street sign
  • Lamp post
  • Streelight pole
  • Wood fence
  • Cinderblock fence
  • Brick surface
  • Curb / Sidewalk cement
  • Metal pole (generic)
  • Window glass
  • Canvas awning

  Wood power pole
Here is spray paint graffiti on a wooden power pole. There are several methods removing or covering it. You can paint over it, or remove it. To maintain the natural color of the wood I prefer to remove it. To preserve the integrity of the pole it is wise to gently scrub the graffiti off. With an up and down motion of the brush, following the direction of the grain, most graffiti will come off. A side to side motion will go against the grain resulting in a much more aggressive and damaging scrub. 

The yellow safety reflectors are a popular target of graffiti. Most are made of graffiti resistant material. In this case use a liquid solvent to remove the graffiti.