Hi. I am John, KE6RMC from Santa Rosa, CA. I have been liscensed about four years and enjoy the hobby. If you are in the area give me a call on the local club repeater on 146.73 - 88.5 . I also monitor 145.35 - 88.5 so try that if I cannot be found on the other one.

[ncx3]My Ham station includes a 5/8 wave ground plane anntenna, a Yaesu Ft-530 and several other non-ham radios. The picture to the left is of my 20, 40, 80M NCX3 transceiver (click on the picture for a larger image). I have made a couple anntennas such as a ladder line j-pole and a 440 1/4 wave ground plane. If you are interested in putting these together, write me for details.

After my Yaesu ft-2100 was stolen while I was in Reno, I replaced it with a very nice Yaesu ft-8100. I highly recommend this radio as a great, versatile radio. To protect it from future theft I have designed a security device. Check my Security Device page for more details.

A great place to look up call signs in a hurry and check on recent issued callsigns is the FCC Database.

Good Santa Rosa Repeaters

If you are ever in town and want to try some good repeaters try these.

  • 146.730 - 88.5; Sonoma County Radio Amateurs
  • 145.350 - 88.5
  • 146.910 - 88.5
  • 145.190 - 88.5
  • 147.180 + 151.4; not a great repeater, but sometimes useable...
  • 441.375 + no PL; Sonoma County Radio Amateurs