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Herbert Resenthal Jewelry Corp. v. Kalpakian, 446 F.2d 738 (1971) p.437


copyright infringement


Plaintiff sued alleging a copyright infringement of a bumblebee pin. Plaintiff charged defendants with infringing plaintiff's copyright registration of a pin in the shape of a bee formed of gold encrusted with jewels.


A consent decree was entered, including an injinction against infringing the plaintiff's copyright. The plaintiff later moved for an order holding defendants in contempt.


Whether there was a copyright infringement of the bumblebee pin.


When the idea and the expression cannot be separated there can be no copyright.


No copyright violation because there was not substantial similarity of the copyrighted expression.


Putting a bee in a pin with diamonds around it is an idea. The arrangement of the diamonds was similiar. A copyright bars use of particular expression of an idea in a copyrighted work byt does not bar the use of the idea itself. Pthers are free to utilize the idea so long as they do not plagiarize its expression.

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