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Steinberg v. Columbia Pictures Industries, 663 F.Supp. 706 (1987) p.479


rights under copyright


Alleged copyright infringment of a drawing that appeared in the New Yorker. Defendant had access since it was hanging on his office wall.

To see a copy of the defendant's poster click here.


Both parties moved for summary judgement.


Since access has been agreed on, the only issue to determine is whether there is such substantial similarity between the copyrighted and accesed works as to establish a violation of plaintiff's copyright.


The taking of small part of protected work can violate copyright. The copying need not be of every detail so long as the copy is similar to the copyrighted work.


The copyright was infringed by defendant's poster.


Applied the substantial similarities to the average observer. Found there were too many similarities to not have been a copy. The city blocks were rendered the same. The print was similar. The depiction of the map was the same.

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