The American in Me
Reviewed by David Kashimba

San Francisco’s Magic Theatre launches another world premiere performance that is a combination of the best acting talent the Bay Area has to offer. The American in Me is written by Guggenheim Fellowship winner Rebecca Gilman and subtly depicts all the traps lurking behind the American dream of building a new home and family.

This multilevel production at once explores the primal urges to marry, have children and build a safe home environment against our capitalist urges to continuously want more – urges so obsessively compulsive that we are only briefly satisfied with what we do acquire.

Amy Glazer takes the helm of this fine drama. One of the most talented Bay Area directors, Glazer recently directed Magic’s premiere of Wyoming and Candida and Indiscretions at Marin Theatre. Glazer has a talent for inspiring some beautifully subtle touches from her performers. One of many poetic gems is when Jeannie (Bethany Alexander) manages to get pregnant, by means of invetro fertilization, long after her husband has left her. Though she doesn’t admit to herself that it was her obsession to have a new home and a child that drove her husband away, she shows this by the frantic way she asks her father to clean a food stain off her cheek.

Don’t miss this poignant comic satire on our American way of life. For tickets or more information call (415) 441-8822 or visit

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