Amy's View
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Jon McNally

Amyís View, currently playing at Center Repertory Company in Walnut Creek is a powerful mother/daughter story that delves into what usually remains unspoken in most family relationships. Director David Hay has assembled a stellar cast, but the selection of Robin Pearson Rose as Amyís mother Esme is what sends this drama over the top in thought-provoking entertainment.

The eternal love between mother and daughter is evident from the opening scene, but the subtle ways this love grows on the audience is a combination of the writer David Hareís rich dialogue and the skillful ways Rose uses her dialogue to draw the audience into her character. Esme is an English actress, a true artist of the theatre, growing old in a world that appears to be abandoning the art of theatre for movies, videos and TV. These worldly influences make Esmeís life more and more unstable; her only foundation is in her art and in her daughterís love. But when her daughter falls in love with a theatre-bashing reporter, her foundation begins to crack and fall apart.

Though the cracking is both comic and tragic, the beauty of this production is that it allows the audience to both laugh and cry, one never excluding the other. Esmeís fall, in a world that has rendered her useless, is both comic and frightening. But her courage and the strength of her convictions is what draw the audience in to Esmeís character. We canít help admiring her, and when we laugh at her fall, itís the loving laughter that we often enjoy with family members. And the tragedy of her fall is not without merit. She has learned to endure, and endurance is one of lifeís greatest strengths.

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