Unwrap Your Candy
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Kim Taylor

Hoochi-Doo Productions in Sonoma is putting on a ghastly funny set of short plays that will put you in the mood for Halloween. The first four one-act dramas are written by Doug Wright, a man with an uncanny sense of humor, which borders on the gothic grotesque.

The first play, Unwrap Your Candy, is the lightest of the four and takes you into the audience to see what people are thinking before the performance begins. It makes fun of people who like to unwrap candy during a performance, people addicted to their cell phones and people who like to sleep through the entire show.

Next Lot 13: The Bone Violin starts off as a story about a gifted child. The ungifted father (Edwin Richards) provides most of the humor as his character is used as a comic foil to his gifted son. But as the story unfolds, the humor becomes darker and darker until we can actually feel the gifted son’s bones rattle inside us as our laughter becomes hesitant and haunting.

Wildwood Park is the story of a traumatized real estate agent (Cindy Brillhart-True) who is trying to sell a house where an entire family was brutally murdered. As she shows the house to a prospective buyer (J. Anthony Martin), he keeps turning the conversation from the amenities of the home to the murders that took place there. In the course of their conversation some scary truths emerge like: “Our society is predatory.” And: “If god gave me the chance to see evil… I would look,” the agent reveals. “And that is a horrible thing to know about yourself.” The story gets creepier and creepier as it turns into a grotesque love story.

Baby Talk is a battle of wills between a mother and her unborn Baby. While the baby is growing in his mother’s womb, he (Jeremy Berrick) talks to her (Colleen Fogarty). The conversations begin to sound more and more like Freud on steroids – scary but very funny.

Teeth, the last play in this evening of spooky entertainment is by Tom Stoppard – a humorous story about a dentist who gets his revenge on one of his patients for having an affair with his wife. All plays are directed by J. Anthony Martin and Cindy Brillhart-True and are full of many subtle gestures and movements that heighten the comic elements of the plays like the way the dental patient’s (Ken Bacon) speech becomes more and more slurred as the dentist works on him physically and psychologically.

This is a fun night of adult Halloween entertainment so leave the kids at home with the benevolent great pumpkin. For tickets or more information call (707) 546-2957, 938-4626 or visit www.hoochidoo.com.

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