Catherine's Care
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Tahzay Mikkael

Catherine’s Care is a unique musical that moves through time and space with the fluidity of poetry. The story, written by Robert Ernst, is about people who “want to get to where the earth and sky meet,” but must first face many of life’s mundane realities. “Coffee and toast, that’s all there is,” says Catherine played by Carla Spindt.

Catherine finds herself in a nursing home in her old age. Everything around her is blue including her sheets, blankets and clothes. She’s “so tired from doing nothing,” her only hope is her memories of when she could dance.

Yet this is not a depressing story of the downward spiral to death. It’s Catherine’s life that is slowly revealed to the audience through her memories and dreams and through the magic of the music. She’s a woman who, “was born to stay at home,” someone who is “always waiting,” yet someone haunted in the night by a voice beckoning: “Now is the time.” And even though her life sometimes appears limited, she has tasted the world and found that it “tastes so good and bad at the same time.”

“There are no boundaries for this character – she’s young and old, strong and weak,” says Carla Spindt of her role as Catherine. Indeed, she’s full of the instability of opposites which, combined with the music, breathes a tremendous amount of energy into this production.

In addition to Spindt this talented cast includes: Tamar Cohn, Craig Jessup and Jenna Johnson with live music by Andy Dinsmoor, Robert Ernst, Mark Malmberg and Daniel Savio. If you like theater that challenges your senses don’t miss Alter Theater’s production of Catherine’s Care in downtown San Rafael.

For tickets or more information call (415) 454-2787 or visit

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