The Comedy of Errors
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Stephen Underwood

What happens when everything that could go wrong does? Well, when it happens in a play, you usually have a damn good comedy, and when it’s a Shakespeare play, performed by the talented actors of Marin Shakespeare Company, it’s nonstop laughter.

The play is about two sets of twins who were separated at a young age and suddenly find themselves in the same town, their identities overlapping and interweaving in so many funny ways that nobody seems to know who anybody really is.

Every ingredient of The Comedy of Errors, directed by James Dunn, is put together with the intention of making the audience laugh. One of the best ingredients goes to costume designer Patricia Polen who mixes Roman attire with modern day tennis shoes and broom bristles for the tops of helmets. Also, when the inebriated Caesar like character begins to move about the stage, his robe is endlessly long and becomes a comic trip hazard to the entire cast.

Of course this high-energy cast made many great contributions to the antics that will tickle your funny bone. “I love rehearsals for comedies!” said Dunn. “I find it necessary and also great fun to have the actors try anything and everything they think might be funny in the creation of a character… I have found…that the best physical bits of comic business and comic delivery of lines always comes from the actor.”

If you’ve always wanted to see a Shakespeare production but were afraid it might be a little too cultural for a down-to-earth person like you, you should definitely go see Marin Shakespeare’s production at Dominican University in San Rafael. It shows you what a down-to-earth guy old Will really was and what a tremendous sense of humor he had.

For tickets or more information call (415) 499-4488 or visit

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