Death of a Salesman
Reviewed by David Kashimba

Marin Classic Theatre, founded in 1999 by producer Benjamin Colteaux and director Artie Gilbert, is currently playing Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. The play is in keeping with the theatre’s goal of presenting award winning drama and comedies written by America’s finest playwrights. Although they’re a new company, they feature a good balance of new and experienced actors. Indeed, starting June 1 their new suite at 701 De Long in Novato will house the Marin Classic Theatre Acting Academy where they will offer classes ranging from beginning to advanced acting. It’s all part of a growing dream to reach out into the community and touch it with the art of theatre.

It only seems fitting that their current production is about dreams and how they conflict with reality. Death of a Salesman is about the death of the American dream to become successful in business. In the play Willy “Loman” is engaged in one of the lowest professions available to man. It’s his job to sell a product that most people don’t want or need. It’s the ultimate capitalist fraud; keep people buying the things they don’t really need and our capitalist way of life keeps America strong.

The problem is that down deep Willy is too nice a guy to keep the fraud going. But instead of making him feel better about himself, it only makes matters worse. He is part of the system whether he likes it or not, and when he refuses to play the game, he is not labeled a hero. Instead, he’s seen as a loser who is “worth more dead than alive.”

If you haven’t seen this great American classic, check out Marin Classic Theatre’s production in San Anselmo. It is their dream to continue to bring the art of classic theatre to the Bay Area. It may not be an American dream, but it is a dream well worth supporting.

For tickets or more information call (415) 451-7286.

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