Don Giovanni
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Eric Chazankin

Cinnabar Theaterís production of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartís opera Don Giovanni is a feast for the senses. Scenic designer Paul Gilger and scenic artist Kerry Duvall provide a fascinating and haunting background of overlapping and emerging faces rising from a tempting underworld of self gratification. Lighting designer Wayne Hovey illuminates the stage with a wide array of light ranging from the spiritual to the hellish, and costume designer Stacy Sigrist provides costumes that illustrate the wide range of Mozartís characters from comic to tragic, ghostly to sensuous. Add the multiple talents of music director Mary Chun, stage director Elly Lichenstein and an excellent cast of powerful singing voices and you canít help being totally drawn in to one of Mozartís greatest operas.

While the main character, Don Giovanni (Anders Froehlich), is an arrogant selfish womanizer, heís also a very handsome young nobleman with great potential if he could mend some of his evil ways. This sets up an often comic yet also tragic battle for Giovanniís soul. Indeed, itís this battle that gives so much soul to the music and drama to this young manís life.

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