The Picture of Dorian Gray
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Kim Taylor

The Picture of Dorian Gray, now playing at The Belrose Theatre, is a musical drama based on the classic Victorian tale by Oscar Wilde. Taking place in London in the mid 1800s, the story focuses on a young gentleman, Dorian Gray (Reymundo Zegri), whose outward appearance remains young and gentleman like but whose soul takes on the darkest side of life. Though his vanity refuses to see the selfishness of his true character, a metaphysical occurrence like a message from God, opens a window to his own soul when an artist paints his portrait.

Though his outward appearance remains unchanged, the portrait does change showing him growing ugly and more demon-like as his soul becomes more and more lost. Essentially an author of strong morals, Wilde’s writing often takes a searing look at English intelligentsia. But the ironic edge to his writing also lends itself to dark comic moments.

Jack Shakey and Dave Reiser wrote the music and lyrics for this musical adaptation of Wilde’s novel. Rodney Sheriff directs this production with musical direction by pianist Jim Anderson.

As always the Belrose is a one-stop night out providing dinner and theatre under one quaint roof. Candlelit tables, stained glass windows and waiters and waitresses who serve both dinner and entertainment provide a unique atmosphere and there is plenty of on street parking.

For tickets or more information call (415) 454-6422 or visit

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