Dream Girl
Reviewed by David Kashimba

Marin Classic Theatre, relatively new to the Bay Area theatre scene, continues its dream to present high quality productions of the finest works in classic American theatre. It’s latest production, Dream Girl by Elmer Rice, is MCT’s first comedy since producer Benjamin Colteaux and director Artie Gilbert founded it in 1999.

The play follows the life of a young dreamer, Georgina Allerton, played by Nicole Zeller. The drama is as much about her dreams as her real life, but what’s most interesting is how her dreams and reality interact to form a new reality precariously balanced between stagnation and dream fulfillment. The story hinges on whether she’ll remain a dreamer all her life, never risking anything to fulfill one of her dreams, or whether she’ll take action.

The first half of the play has some funny scenes, but it’s a bit long. True, Rice needed to build up his character as a dreamer, but some of the dreams should have been edited. However, things really come together in the second half. The tension mounts as Georgina is pressured into the realization that if she doesn’t take action, on at least one of her dreams, she will end up living a non-life amounting to nothing but dreams.

Dream Girl was a Broadway hit in the 1940s and was played by a number of actresses, including Lucille Ball and Judy Holliday. In 1948 it was made into a film starring Betty Hutton and was the basis for a 1965 musical called Skyscraper starring Julie Harris. Since then it’s fallen into obscurity until now.

If you’d like a little nostalgic journey, call (415) 892-8551 or visit www.MCTheatre.com for tickets or more information.

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