The Ives Have It
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Evan Johnson

Pacific Alliance Stage Company, at Spreckels Performing Arts Center in beautiful Rohnert Park, presents The Ives Have It, six one-act plays by David Ives. Taken from the one-act collections All in the Timing and Mere Mortals, there’s an intellectual richness of language arranged in a way guaranteed to make you laugh.

The first of the six plays, Sure Thing, illuminates how important timing is in language and life. Set in a small café, a young woman (Kate Del Castillo) sits alone at a table reading a novel by William Faulkner. A young man (Michael Navarra) enters and starts a conversation. When the talk runs dry, one of them rings a bell, and they start over. After a countless array of hilarious possibilities the two finally strike the right cord that reverberates a continuous music.

In Words, Words, Words three chimpanzees are locked in a cage with three typewriters to see if one can produce Shakespeare randomly. The chimps are named Swift (Navarra) Kafka (Shannon Veon Kase) and Milton (Hector Correa). The humor comes from the juxtaposition of chimps with great authors, and in the midst of all the fun, there are moments where a primal Shakespeare actually emerges.

Universal Language is probably the wildest comic language ride of the evening where English is manipulated into a brand new idiom that everyone can get a real kick out of speaking.

Time Flies is a study of the short happy sex life of two Mayflies whose 24-hour lifespan leaves something to be desired. In Dr. Fritz or The Forces of Light one of the main characters gets to have a telephone conversation with God and in Degas, C’est Moi an ordinary guy wakes up one morning and decides to be the famous painter Degas.

The cast really has a good time playing this wide range of characters and it translates into much laughter and fun entertainment. For tickets or more information call (707) 588-3400.

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