Knock Knock
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Bob Bryant

Knock Knock, written by cartoonist and playwright Jules Feiffer, stretches isolationism to its comic extreme. Abe (Dan Hiatt) and Cohn (Will Marchetti) are two retired roommates who have locked themselves away from the world in a log cabin.

But whenever we try to hide from the outside world, it has a way of knocking at our door. This is precisely what happens to these two isolated men and it does it with a sense of humor that ranges from “knock knock who’s there” jokes to slapstick vaudeville. There are various incarnations of a Wiseman (Sara Moore) who always looks like more of a clown, but then the first step in breaking an unhealthy cycle of isolationism is learning to laugh at yourself.

But when Joan of Arc (Rachel Brown) knocks at their door complete with voices that tell her to gather two of everything, including these two old curmudgeons, the laughter rises to a new level of spiritual comic energy. This provides the two old men the bread of a new life that at first appears to be utter chaos. But any worthwhile change has chaotic roots, which eventually grows into a new life.

In Knock Knock, it’s the journey to this new life form that provides great entertainment to the audience. With a top-notch cast of Bay Area actors and one ringer who formerly worked at Barnum and Bailey Circus, this is an evening of fun you won’t want to miss.

For tickets or more information call Aurora Theatre at (510) 843-4822 or visit

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