Light Up the Sky
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Gene Abravaya

Written in 1948, Moss Hart’s Light Up the Sky is a dated comedy about actors, directors and producers trying to put on a Broadway play and make it successful. But in the hands of Pacific Alliance Stage Company’s artistic director Hector Correa and a talented high-energy cast, it is transformed into an enjoyable night of entertainment.

All the characters are comic exaggerations of people in the entertainment business. Will Marchetti plays Sidney Black the producer who puts up $300,000 in hopes that the show will turn out to be a success. Michael Navarra plays young playwright Peter Sloan who was a truck driver before writing this first play and is overwhelmed by all the top actors anxious to perform in his drama. Marcia Pizzo, as Irene, is the overly energetic star of the show, and her mother Stella (Shirley Nilsen Hall) is her foil, constantly putting the production down as a complete disaster. Hector Correa, the director within the director, not only directs Light Up the Sky, he also plays the part of the director who is so moved by this drama that he’s always crying.

By the time of the second act, everything is turned around and nobody’s really sure if the play’s a successful work of art or a boring allegory, but some of the best laughs come out of this mix of oppositions.

For a fun night of theatre in Rohnert Park’s beautiful Spreckels Performing Arts Center call (707) 588-3400.

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