The Love List
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Charles Jarrett

What if you could write down ten qualities you would like to see in a significant other? What would they be? Well in Norm Foster’s The Love List, now playing in Walnut Creek’s Playhouse West, two friends, Bill (David Hern) and Leon (Jesse Caldwell), have a rare opportunity to create the perfect woman.

It’s Bill’s 50th birthday and Leon gives him a membership in a dating service. But this isn’t computer dating. A mysterious gypsy with powers that go far beyond any dating service runs the business.

Bill, a statistician, isn’t taking any of this seriously but goes along with it to please his friend. When Leon wants Bill to put oral sex down as number one on the love list, Bill accuses him of being shallow. However, he finally compromises and puts it down as number four. But Bill turns down Leon’s suggestion of “big breasts” in favor of “she likes to kiss me.”

Writing things down on the list is about as far as Bill is willing to go with this birthday gift; he has no intention of following up on it. Imagine his surprise when Justine (Brooke Campanelli), a woman meeting all 10 of the criteria on the love list, shows up at his apartment the next day. But this is just the beginning of a fun filled evening in which both men quickly realize that there is either no such thing as a perfect woman or that perfection is really not what they want in a woman.

The beauty of Foster’s play is in the way he blends fantasy with reality to evoke comedy that really hits you where you live. Anyone old enough to have had a love relationship with a significant other will find a bit of himself or herself to laugh at in The Love List.

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