Man of La Mancha
Reviewed by David Kashimba

Anyone whose ever read The Adventures of Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes will never forget the colorful character who dreamed of a better world full of heroic characters who fight off giant monsters and protect the innocence of fair maidens. Even though the cruel world of reality is nothing like Don Quixote’s ideal world, it didn’t stop him from living the life of a gentleman knight in the world of his imagination. Even though most of the world thought he was a crazy old man, there were a few, like his faithful companion Sancho Panza, who admired him for living the dream in spite of brutal reality.

Those of you, who haven’t experienced this heroic figure in Cervantes’ novel, can now enjoy this comic hero in the musical masterpiece, Man of La Mancha, performed by Pacific Alliance Stage Company in Rohnert Park’s Spreckels Performing Arts Center. This is the same musical that opened on Broadway in 1965 winning three Tony Awards for best musical, best libretto and best score. Critics hailed it for its timeless drama and unique comic appeal and predicted that it would endure for generations.

In the excellent hands of director Michael Grice, musical director Cesar Cancino, choreographer Tom Segal, a fantastic cast and live orchestra, Man of La Mancha is a triumphant performance you won’t want to miss. After experiencing this performance you’ll be singing The Impossible Dream for days and might even be inspired to live that dream for the rest of your life.

For tickets call 588-3400.

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