Michael Jordan to the MAX
Reviewed by David Kashimba

Michael Jordan to the MAX is a 45-minute IMAX film that focuses on the heroic struggle of a young man from North Carolina. Though more promotional than documentary, the film promotes a worthy hero who sagely admits that he has failed hundreds of times and that this is the reason he has won. There are no shortcuts in life and Jordan has always been too tall to take the easy road.

The film shows how Jordan’s father trained a very young Michael in the art of baseball, and how his father’s untimely death led Michael to stop playing basketball and briefly return to baseball as a way of getting in touch with his father. “He was my best friend and he knew everything about me,” Jordan said of his father. “I know he’s with me. I have all the life lessons and teachings he provided me in the 30 years I was around him.”

Through showing how much care and love Jordan’s parents provided him, the film provides the strong foundation it takes to build a heroic figure. Further images of his growing serenity and self control – which the film partially credits to the Zen influence of his last coach, Phil Jackson – completes the development of this basketball hero in a way that goes beyond his sport alone.

The man and the story of the man already build a bigger-than-life picture of a heroic figure, but when that image is put on the bigger-than-life IMAX screen with its special sound system, you can’t help being blown away. Add some of the special technology used in The Matrix, and you are transported to a new realm that will have you wishing that this film were longer than 45 minutes.

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