Me and My Girl
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Ed Smith

Marin Theatre opens its season with the English musical Me and My Girl. With a live orchestra conducted by David Lohman and numerous dance numbers choreographed by Richard Gibbs, this 1930ís musical, directed by Lee Sankowich, rivals the best of Broadway.

Allegroís focus is always dance,Ē says choreographer and Allegro Theatre Companyís cofounder Richard Gibbs, ďand we turned this into full-blown production numbers. On Broadway, it was a comedy with some tap. But our revision is to reach the full potential of dance and make it into much more of a musically staged show.Ē And so it is.

Variations of the story have proven to be an audience pleaser for centuries. Itís a comic drama of someone from the fringe of society who is suddenly thrust into the upper class. Bill Snibson, played by Broadway star Michael Bobin, is a Cockney rogue used to surviving on the streets through a variety of wheeling and dealing, and his girlfriend, Sally Smith (Julie James), has a similar roguish charm. The main conflict comes from the Duchess of Dene (Maureen McVerry) who tries to snobbify Snibson into a man worthy to be the heir of Lord Harefordís estate. Included in her training is a determination to rid him of his girlfriend Sally and marry him to Lady Battersby.

Of course true love conquers all snobbery. The high are made low, and find that they actually enjoy life more from the down to earth perspective, and the audience enjoys the comic journey that forces everyone to see the light. It may be a 15 watt bulb dangling from a frayed wire, but it shines inward far greater than the expensive chandelier in Lord Harefordís estate.

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