All My Sons
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Evan Johnson

Pacific Alliance Stage Company in beautiful Rohnert Park presents a powerful performance of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons. Set in the backyard of Joe Keller’s (Will Marchetti) home in an American town some time after WWII, the first act starts with a fair amount of humor as the audience is introduced to the characters, but there’s also a keen awareness that something darker lingers behind this friendly facade. Indeed, like many of Miller’s plays, including Death of a Salesman and The Price, it soon becomes obvious that the real villain is a self-delusion running rampant in all the characters.

Joe Keller is a businessman. During the war his factory made aircraft parts for the Army Air Corps. Some of the parts turned out to be defective, resulting in the deaths of several American pilots and their crew. There was a trial and Joe Keller and his manager went to prison. But Joe served a much shorter sentence since most of the blame was put on the shoulders of his manager. Joe’s son Chris (Michael Navarra) and his wife Kate (Sharon Lockwood) stand by Joe’s innocence as does Joe’s manager’s daughter and son, Ann Deever (Alexandra Matthew) and George Deever (Michael Wiles). But as the drama unfolds so unfolds many layers of self-deception culminating in a revelation of what really happened to Joe’s other son who was listed as missing in action during the war.

Directed by Hector Correa, this excellent subtle drama makes us question our own selves and how easy it is to believe what we want to believe instead of facing a much harsher reality.

For tickets or more information call (707) 588-3400.

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