What the Night Is For
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Charles Jarrett

Playhouse West in Walnut Creek takes a turn to the darker side of life in their current production, What the Night Is For. Written by Michael Weller, who admits itís based on his own experience, the drama explores the dangers, the sensuality and dark intrigue that draw people to infidelity.

Many writers like Tolstoy, D.H. Lawrence and Goethe have turned this subject matter into works of literature. Today itís the subject matter of popular television soap operas like Desperate House Wives. Wellerís play falls somewhere in between. While he expresses many of the extreme highs and lows that people face while engaged in cheating on their spouses, and tries to do it with a touch of comedy, there are moments when his drama boarders on being preachy.

Of course an excellent cast saves him. Lois Grandi in the role of Melinda Metz and Marvin Greene as Adam Penzius deliver their lines with a naturalness that draws the audience in to their impossible predicament. Will Melinda and Marvin take the precarious step and leave their spouses so they can be with each other forever or will they chicken out and settle for living the lie of their uncommitted sexual addiction? In the end, itís the audience that decides.

For tickets or more information call (915) 943-7469 or visit www.playhousewest.org.

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