Nuncrackers - The Nunsense Christmas Musical
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Kim Taylor

If you’re looking for fun holiday entertainment, that’s different from the usual Christmas Carol and Nutcracker, skate on over to Hoochi-Doo Productions in Sonoma and enjoy a performance of Nuncrackers – The Nunsense Christmas Musical. Nuncrackers is the forth in a series of musicals written by Dan Goggin. It all started with the original Nunsense followed in 1993 by Nunsense II – The second coming… and Sister Amnesia’s Country Western Nunsense Jamboree in 1996. After Nuncrackers the author wrote another interesting mix of new and old testaments and there’s a rumor of yet another version of Nunsense on the horizon.

The current production brings back the Little Sisters of Hoboken for another comic, irreverent look into the reverent lives of the women and men who have chosen to dedicate their lives to church, God and a wide array of spirits. Indeed, it’s the juxtaposition of the reverent with the irreverent that gives this musical its energy and makes it appealing to non-Catholic as well as those raised in “the one true church.”

The women and men of the cloth portrayed in this production have a wonderful innocence that makes them appealing to all audiences. But when their reverent innocence is exposed to an irreverent chaotic world it becomes the purest of comedy that has the audience rolling in the isle with laughter.

Some special moments to watch for is when one of the sisters’ puppet tells the story of how the angel became the decoration on top of the Christmas tree and the nun’s special two inch ruler used to measure small things in a woman’s husband that she wishes were bigger.

Other great moments of comedy is when Father Virgil (Scott Maraj) has to fill in for Sister Julia, Child of God, in a demonstration of how to make fruitcake, “the gift that lasts a lifetime.” Father Virgil and the Reverend Mother Mary Regina (Rhonda Guaraglia) do some pretty wild ballet numbers as well.

Warning, there is a fair amount of audience participation in this show so be on your best behavior or your knuckles might get whacked by one of the sister’s longer rulers. If you’re at one of the shows where the sisters sell bingo cards at intermission, buy one. Participating in the bingo game makes you part of the show, and you could win a nice prize.

Don’t miss Nuncrackers. It’s feel-good entertainment that the entire family can enjoy. For tickets call (707) 546-2957 or visit

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