Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Kim Taylor

If youíre looking for a night of prayer peppered with a lot of irreverent laughter, gospel music, dancing openly with rock-and-roll and some very talented nuns whose calling in life is to entertain the hell out of you, then donít miss the musical comedy, Nunsense now playing in downtown Sonoma.

Presented by Hoochi-Doo Productions, Dan Gogginís musical Nunsense is the first in a series of hit comedies about the Little Sisters of Hoboken. Though fictional characters, the talented cast is so believable that my 87-year-old Catholic mother blessed herself every time the actresses made the sign of the cross on stage. But that didnít stop her from laughing at some of the sisterís irreverent acts, particularly when the Mother Superior (Rhonda Guaraglia) got accidentally high on some drugs found during a fund raising talent show.

Then thereís Sister Mary Amnesia (Cindy Brillhart-True) who has trouble remembering anything, including her own identity, since a crucifix fell on her head. She gets some of the best jokes (a few X-rated) because she makes no connection between what sheís saying and what the audience is really hearing thereby adding a comic dimension of pure innocence. Sister Mary Hubertís (Francesca Weiner) job is to keep the novices, like Sister Mary Leo (Marjorie Taylor), in line. With the huge ego of Sister Mary Leo who has dreams of becoming a famous dancer, Sister Mary Hubertís job isnít easy. And then thereís Sister Robert Anne (Daniela Innocenti-Beem), whose loud Brooklyn accent matches her boisterous character right down to her toes covered by old basketball shoes. But nobody can belt out a song with more power than her.

Warning, there is a fair amount of audience participation in this show so be on your best behavior or your knuckles might get slapped by one of the sisterís rulers. If youíre at one of the shows where the sisters sell bingo cards at intermission, buy one. Participating in the bingo game makes you part of the show, and you could win a nice prize.

Directed by Vicki Martinez with musical direction by Katy Hatfield, choreography by Susan Soriano and lighting by Tony Ginesi, Hoochi-Dooís production of Nunsense is a highly professional small theatre performance that will keep you singing and laughing for days after you see the show. For tickets or more information call (707) 546-2957 or visit

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