Rock Star
Reviewed by David Kashimba

Rock Star, starring Mark Wahlberg has enough fun and entertainment value to make it worth seeing on a big screen, especially when the fictional rock groups perform on stage. But if you’re looking for a profound expose’ on what the life of a rock star is like, you will be disappointed. Rock Star is just another Hollywood formula film: Poor, all American small town boy is suddenly hurled into rock star fame by a very unlikely phone call. At first he revels in all the glorious sex and corruption that fame and money brings, but eventually realizes that he’s just a simple small town boy at heart and walks away from it all hoping to recapture his innocence.

But that doesn’t mean the movie won’t have a lot of entertainment value and pure fun for today’s young rockers. The film is full of real life rock stars performing music and making cameo appearances and there is a fair amount of fun poked at everyone in the rock scene. When you add to this a very energetic performance by Wahlberg, a former hip-hop artist, and Jennifer Aniston as the small town girl that loves Wahlberg’s character, the story is entertaining and presents a positive schmaltzy image of what is really important in life.

“I had never really listened to rock or metal,” Wahlberg said. “My background as a musician was pretty different than what is portrayed here, and I thought it would be a challenge. Just walking around in those tight pants and being comfortable enough on stage to move the way these guys did – that was a challenge right there.” Indeed, Wahlberg met the challenges of a worthy rock star stage presence as well as maintaining the small town innocence of a young man whose parents love and support him.

While older rockers may not see this film as a magical mystery tour of rock n’ roll, younger rockers may find it to be a real kick in their tight leather pants.

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