The Seagull
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Kim Taylor

One of the beauties of Russian writer Anton Chekhov is his ability to find humor in some very tragic circumstances. Perhaps part of his gift comes from his humble beginnings. His grandfather was a Russian serf who managed to save enough to buy his familyís freedom. In addition, Chekhov loved to write about everyday folks. The subjects of his stories and plays arenít action heroes pursuing themes of good and evil. Instead, Chekhov concentrated on the silences between the action, the daily struggles of life and how laughter helps people to endure them.

In his play The Seagull, now showing at Marin Art and Garden Center in Ross, he achieved the perfect blend of comedy and tragedy. All life, if lived long enough, has a good dose of the tragic, but the characters in The Seagull find the humor in lifeís ironies and the actors, in this Porchlight Theatre Company production, express this humor as I believe Chekhov would have wanted it, allowing the audience to laugh with the characters, not at them. We grow to love these people because they could so easily be our own family and friends, and our laughter as well as our sadness is a natural blossoming of that love.

Donít miss this excellent production in its beautiful outdoor setting. For tickets or more information call (415) 454-8316 or visit

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