Senior Class
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Jon McNally

Senior Class, now playing at Center Repertory Company of Walnut Creek, is a class act for the retirement set. Saul Ilson, who you may remember as the writer of televisionís The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, wrote book, music and lyrics for Senior Class. Though the songs are predominantly comic, many are geared to touch the heart as well as the funny bone and at times are reminiscent of Jacques Brel is Alive and Living in Paris.

But the focus is always on seniors, from facing loneliness to the joys of grandchildren, from counting wrinkles to finally dating again after the death of a spouse. The excellent cast includes Paul Boesing, Ron Evans, Kelly Houston, Phoebe Moyer, Linda Paplow and Alma Sayles. Their acting and singing abilities offer a night of family entertainment that will send the older audience members down memory lane and provide younger members of the audience some insights into parents and grandparents.

Warning! There is a lot of schmaltz in this production so those of you who have a low schmaltz tolerance might want to go see a violent movie instead. But the schmaltz in Senior Class is so well done that it will warm the hearts of most audience members, and the characters are more than willing to poke fun at the many aches and pains of growing old.

However, we also canít help noticing that these modern seniors are growing more than gray hair. There is an abundance of vitality in every character that will keep you swaying to their beat.

For tickets or more information call (925) 943-7469 or visit

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