Festival of Shorts
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Charles Jarrett

Playhouse West’s Festival of Shorts is a collection of eight short plays guaranteed to keep you laughing. Many of them are short romantic comedies depicting situations that most of us have faced.

All eight plays are set in a restaurant. One, by Bay Area playwright John Angell Grant, takes a look at a man and woman who once knew each other intimately and decades later meet for coffee. She’s a successful lawyer with a busy schedule. He’s a successful bum with no schedule at all. The comedy lies in the awkwardness of the meeting.

In another short two women meet for dinner, and in the course of talking about their current relationships with men, one of them admits that she needs to have a wild affair to make her life complete. Nothing all that new and exciting, but when her friend suddenly realizes that she’s the object of her new affection, the comedy of awkward desire really takes off.

Three couples grace the stage for the grand finally short. Conversations switch from one couple to another, and while individual conversation is rather mundane, the combination becomes a comedy of sexual suggestion that keeps you laughing as you leave the theatre.

Two of the shorts, Getting to Know You by Norm Foster (Wrong for Each Other) and The Waiter from Hell by Jim Geoghan (Light Sensitive) are by playwrights recently featured at Playhouse West.

For a fun evening call (925) 942-0300.

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