Along Came A Spider
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Bruce Talamon

Morgan Freeman repeats his role as police detective and psychological profiler Alex Cross in Along Came A Spider. The movie is based on the first novel in the Alex Cross series by James Patterson.

The second novel, Kiss The Girls, was the first film starring Freeman and Ashley Judd. In this film the audience is kept guessing throughout the story as to who the bad guy is. But in Along Came A Spider, we find out the bad guy’s identity pretty quickly, yet the suspense continues thanks to Freeman’s subtle acting abilities. Indeed, it is Freeman that makes this film interesting.

Because it’s not as tightly edited as Kiss The Girls and the plot feels too contrived, the audience doesn’t ride the edge of their seat in Along Came A Spider. Once again it is Freeman to the rescue smoothing out the contrived spots with the incredible believability of his character. In Freeman’s words: Cross’ “particular strength is he’s a mind hunter. It’s fun to play because it’s more cerebral than active.”

If you’re a Freeman fan and are drawn in to Cross’ slow onion-peeling style of detective work, you’ll enjoy this film. Even though the bad guy is revealed early in the story, there are a lot more layers to this onion than meets the eye, and it’s interesting to watch Cross’ mental process as he weaves his way through the intricate spider web woven by more than one spider.

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