Talking With
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Eric Chazankin

“I spend more and more time in OZ since I turned 50,” says Scraps (Sheri Lee Miller) in Talking With by Jane Martin. “Nobody ever dies in OZ.” Now playing at Spreckels in Rohnert Park, Talking With stars some of the best actresses in the Bay Area. The play is composed of eight short stories, each told by a different actress. Each story is unique, comic and yet they all have a way of subtly reaching in and touching your heart and soul.

In Clear Glass Marbles, actress Danielle Cain portrays a woman who recently lost her mother. She describes her mother studying French in her death bed, because she made a pledge that she’d die bilingual. While we laugh at this and other descriptions of her mother, we can also feel the pain of her grief.

In Handler, Kimberly Kalember portrays a snake handler for the Holiness Church. She describes in detail the spiritual significance in handling rattlesnakes and cottonmouths and how if you’re spiritually empty, “you’re gonna get bit.”

In French Fries, Joan Feliciano portrays a woman who takes you to her perfect world of MacDonald’s, where plastic means eternity and you can be saved by a Big Mac.

In Audition, Priscilla Locke portrays an unstable actress who has learned some interesting methods of sex and violence to hold her audience hostage.

In Rodeo, Mollie Boice portrays a cowgirl who reveals the ravages of modern technology on the rodeo.

In Twirler, Kendal Carroll portrays a beautiful young majorette, who twirls a baton laced with razorblades to show that beauty inspires hate.

And in Marks, Madeleine Ashe portrays an illustrated woman who tells the story of each of her tattoos, slowly revealing her belief that life begins with a little bit of pain.

For tickets or more information about this dynamic show call 707-588-3400 or visit

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