Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Ed Smith

Marin Theatre Company in Mill Valley offers a feast for the senses with its DellíArte Company production of Moliereís Tartuffe. Specializing in physical comedy, DellíArte breathes new life into this 1664 play with their blend of acrobatics, dance, slapstick comedy, opera, Mozart and sensuous Latin music.

Through the use of colorful clothes, set design and bizarrely expressive masks, the audience isnít sure if itís seeing an opera or a circus. In truth they get both and more. Movement, much more than Moliereís words is what motivates all the laughter in this unique production.

The story is of a religious charlatan, Tartuffe (Michael Fields), who charms his way into the home of the rich land owner Orgon (Adrian Mejia) and persuades him to give him everything he owns for the promise of a heavenly afterlife. In Moliereís time the play was so controversial that religious leaders convinced the King to ban the production. Today, however, itís business as usual, but DellíArteís unusual style of physical comedy turns it into a delightful form of entertainment.

For tickets or more information to this colorful production call (415) 388-5208 or visit www.marintheatre.org.

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