In the Beginning
Reviewed by David Kashimba

In the beginning God created more people than Adam and Eve. There were four other couples in the Garden of Eden, but they were down to earth folks who never tried to muscle in on God’s territory. Lydia and Romer, Dottie and Zeke, Avi and Arielle, and Mavis and Ben were never tempted by forbidden fruit. Since they never caused any public relations disasters (never gave God a black eye) the first news reporters of the day left them out of the Old Testament tabloid.

Well, composer Maury Yeston (composer of Titanic and Phantom) and writer David Hahn decided to set the records straight with their musical In the Beginning, now playing at the Willows Theatre in Concord. In this comic production, the four couples tell the behind the scenes stories of such significant events as who cleaned up after Moses and picked up the broken 10 commandment stone tablets.

But one of the most interesting stories is what ever became of Cain? You know, the guy that killed his brother Abel. There has been much theological and philosophical debate about the “mark” of Cain. Was this mark God’s way of forever isolating Cain from the human race and God’s kingdom or was it a mark of distinction that would force Cain to overcome his past and grow into a better and more spiritual being?

For an evening of thought-provoking fun and song, call Willows Theatre at (925) 798-1300 and reserve your tickets to “the greatest story never told.”

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