Disney's The Kid
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Frank Masi

Disney’s The Kid, starring Bruce Willis as Russ Duritz and Spencer Breslin as a younger version of Duritz is a good family film. Duritz, though a successful image consultant, is missing some of life’s essentials like a wife, kids and a dog. Enter a mystery child that suddenly turns up in Duritz’s glass house and shatters his image of himself. In one of many comic scenes, they discover that the boy is Duritz at age eight.

Duritz goes to his therapist and asks that she give him some strong medication to make this hallucination go away. She wisely advises him that hallucinations from the past are very real and usually don’t go away until you deal with them.

Well, the boy is very real and, like most psychic realizations, begins to grow on Duritz, until he’s forced to change for the better. Though this film lacks the power of The Sixth Sense, it is a wholesome family comedy and Breslin does a great job as the kid. Indeed, all the acting is well done, including a special part for comedian Lily Tomlin.

Bruce Willis seems to be on a roll of starring with children in films with supernatural themes. It’s a pleasant switch from his action hero roles and shows us a different side to this fine actor.

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