Remember The Titans
Reviewed by David Kashimba

Remember The Titans is a well-done film that shows what greatness people are capable of when they overcome prejudice. The time is 1971. The place Alexandria, Virginia. It was a time of high racial tension and moral unrest. The Vietnam War had become a war without end and the first steps to school integration were being taken.

Based on a true story of an integrated high school football team, the T.C. Williams High Titans, this film tells the story of how black coach Herman Boone (Denzel Washington), hired as head coach over Bill Yoast (Will Patton) a white coach with several years seniority, reversed the grinding wheels of racial hatred and molded his players into a winning team.

Though Boone’s unique approach had a lot to do with the team’s turn around, the film also shows how Yoast’s caring for all members of his team, and the young team member’s ability to learn to work together, adds to the magic formula that showed an entire nation what great heights are possible when racial hatreds are overcome.

Though essentially a comedy and a film that carefully applies a softer touch to the harsh reality of racism, this film has a lot of heart, which helps the audience to care about every member of the team. We laugh with them and route for them to win, making this a wholesome film that the entire family will enjoy.

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