Walkin' Talkin' Bill Hawkins
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Averie D. Cohen

The Marsh Theatre in Berkeley presents W. Allen Taylor’s Walkin’ Talkin’ Bill Hawkins…in search of my father. Taylor, a drama teacher at College of Marin, found out the identity of his father a few months after Bill Hawkins’ death in 1975. “My father started his career on the radio at a time when there were less than twenty-five black disc-jockeys on the air nation-wide,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s search for his father, in this one man show, has him talking to several people who knew Hawkins. Taylor plays all the parts so well that you can clearly see each unique character, and he does it with a minimum of props.

But the best part of this production is how it touches all of us in subtle ways, making us think of our own relationships with our parents and how some slight gesture, or lack of one, effected major changes in our lives. The fact that Taylor can explore such a personally sensitive subject and open it up to a universal appeal, speaks volumes for his acting abilities and humankind’s ability to explore love and loss through art.

For tickets or more information to this fine production directed by Gloria Weinstock call (800) 838-3006 or visit www.themarsh.org.

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