Wonder of the World
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo by Argo Thompson

Actors Theatre of Santa Rosa really takes a leap off the deep end with their production of David Lindsay-Abaire’s Wonder of the World. This wacky comedy is set in Niagara Falls. Cass (Liz Jahren) flees there after discovering a dark secret about her husband’s sex life. Like many couples married several years, she suddenly discovers that she’s married to a monster. I won’t divulge the husband’s particular perversion, because it’s part of the dark comedy that will either make or break this show for the audience.

It is definitely not for everyone, but what really seemed to make this play work for most were the comic expressions on the actor’s faces, particularly those played by Che Lyons, Gene Abravaya and Nicolette O’Connor. Though the words in this play may offend the actors’ expressions mend with healing laughter.

So why not take a leap of faith and follow this wild cast as they go over the falls in a barrel of laughs. For tickets or more information call (707) 523-4185 or visit www.6th streetplayhouse.com.

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