X2:X-Men United
Reviewed by David Kashimba
Photo courtesy 20th Century Fox

X2:X-Men United is more than just a good science fiction action film. It speaks to the lone wolf in all of us. X-men are different from so-called normal human beings. They each represent an evolutionary leap that gives them unique powers, which also isolates them from the rest of humanity.

Most of us have directly or indirectly experienced some form of prejudice through race, gender or just plain jealousy so we can easily relate to the x-men on that level. Thereís a comic scene in the film when one of the younger x-men tells his parents that heís a mutant. The reactions of the parents are similar to if he were coming out of the closet about being gay.

Itís also been a common theme in literature from Faust to Steppenwolf. Scholars, writers and artists are x-men isolated from society by their creative gifts even though those very gifts enrich mankind. In other words there is a little bit of the x-man in all of us. Couple this identity with a lot of action, making use of the primal forces of fire and water, and you have a story that creates a future mythology firmly grounded in the past.

Have no fear; there are several x-women and x-children in this film widening its appeal. Also, like many science fiction films, its underlying themes have a way of getting under your skin and making you think. But entertainment is the key ingredient, and with great special effects and an excellent cast, this is also a fun movie to watch.

Will the x-men earn the right to be different and yet still a part of society? Go see the film and form your own individual opinion.

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