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Cycled Here on November 26th, 1999

Posted February 13th, 1999

Well , today is the eve of that day of days ,Valentine's Day. I think that this day is very cool as you have it in your power to make someone's week or year by being sweet to him or her. So be kind to someone; even a complete stranger. You will be surprised at the results.

On other fronts, I am once again out of a job . (Do you know of anyone out there who is hiring?) I finally got my computer up and running and fully upgraded ,so I am really fast now (200mrz). I am quite satisfied. All I could use now is a better moniter and a faster modem and new speakers (the speakers and modem are not importaint).

My roof is on the lamb... In other words, it is not behaving as it should. Any and all donations to the people with a hole in the roof will be accepted . I am in the meantime trying to put some sort of second skin over the roof to hold back the pouring torrents till we can rebuild the roof in the summer.

A piece of advice to any interested parties: when buying computer parts... Even if you are doing barter... make sure you have all the necessary parts so you can actually use it! Myself, I thought: I can jury-rig something and make it work! HAHA foolded me.

Well, it is getting late and I am going to turn into a pumpkin soon, so until next time, Happy Webbing!



Cycled here on 2-13-99


Hello freinds and neibors how do you do? Myself I am busily trying to catch up oin my projects. Now that the holiday season is past I am hoping that I succeed on compleating a few things.

The current thing that is causing most trubble is that my fiance decided to change her mind on what she wants. so we both decided to split up. It is not the easiest thing in the world to simply put all that one had built behind... However I am slowly suceeding one step at a time.

My car is still sitting idle (lack of money). The tea house is getting further along. We got the ornimental slats of aromatic cedar, wich are just 6 inches wide and one inch thick. Of course you must realise that the mesurements are not truly 6"X1" but are actualy more like 5 3\4" X 3/4". After the wood was on we had to then put on a layer of tar paper so that it would be a little more resistant to rain leaking through. When the paper waas on I decided to look at the screws and final layer of roofing. The roofing and the screws were special orderd to be just the right color to please my partners esthetics. It turned out to be the case that the screws were too long to work. they would have poked through the wood and showed up on the inside ruining the open rafter affect we were striving for. so we then had to go and aquire yet more wood so we could increase the thickness of the roof so that when we drive the screws it would be ok. you must realise that all the work is being done in between the rain sorms and when it is not so cold that the wood would not crack as we drive the nails or screws. So as we staind no we have half of the roof two thirds of the way done.



Cycled here on 12-27-98

If you have visited Partner talks! then you can see that my partner is a little sour. Well he is not totaly honest I have listened to his work and read his storys. But I will just put up with his mood and hope he gets over it soon.

My self I have been having problems with my car (ugg). (I want to say right now before I continue, no comments from the penut gallery that are mean regarding this next peice) I have been restoring a 1970 Fiat 850 Spider, it is a nice car however I will say this if you have little patience dont restore a car. I have this car almost done, the last fellow who was helping me said all I had to do was clean off the pistons and get a ring set and a head gasket and put it all back together. Well after pricing these two things I was feeling realy good only $80 and I would have my carr running. Well I have now sent almost $150 and it looks as if I may pay twice as much to finish the progect. I will finish it if it kills me.

Update on Project Fiat at the moment I am waiting on more money to return to my original point. I am waitin for money so I can put the engine in to be machined. I also must buy some pistons. So efectively I am on hold for the time being.

Tea house Update: We have most of the rafters in place. We had to sell our soul to purchace the roofing material . We still need to buy alot of stuco to cover the walls (inside and out).

I have been asked how did I get the name Bagel well for those curious I will tell my tale. Several years ago I was visiting a friends house, this friend is a nice older man and he has two young children. At the time Zen was about three years old and the Holly was around seven years old. One of my many aspects is I like to do voice impersonations, usually they are of cartoon characters rather than live actors. One of the toon's in my repertoire is Bullwinkle. My friend knowing I do Bullwinkle asked me to do him for his daughter who was watching bullwinkle at the time. So I went into the room where she was sitting and said to her (in my best Bullwinkle voice) "Hey Zen you wana' see me bull a rabbit out of my hat?" Promptly her eyes got all bug eyed and saucer like. She then asked me to do it again like any young kid will do when they see a new trick. However the way she did it was what was unique (this is the punch line!) She asked me to do it again by saying (real cute kid voice) "Do Bagel again!" Well this confused me, I thought I was doing Bullwinkle. I asked her if she was trying to say Bullwinkle and she said yes she wanted me to do Bagel again! Well to wrap this up, for the next few months when ever I saw her I was asked to do Bagel again. Eventually all my friends had heard the story or saw the site and the name stuck to me like glue.

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