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--Just in case your might like to hang out with us, or put together your own celebrations on the same or similar dates, we include our calendar for the coming year.

Posted on 1 October 2014 

Thiasos Olümpikos: Year 25 


The Twenty Fifth Year of Thiasos Olümpikos, and the Month of Hekatombaion, began at Sundown on 28 June 2014 of the Common Era. It is the Second Year of the 698th Olümpiad, and 2790 Apo Katagraphes Olümpiadon (AKO); which is to say, the 2,790th year after the first recording of the Olümpic Games.

Now to our Liturgical Calendar

Because of lack of participation by the populace at large, and because your Arkhieros does not have an infinite amount of money to cook meals for people who don't show, a certain amount of despair has set in. The only event which has been scheduled this year is the Apaturia, which usually contains Men's Mysteries, and which formed the basis of the whole thing. Part of this lack of participation is due, no doubt, to lack of a more central venue. Were it not for Phosphoros and Khelüs, even that would not have happened. If you are reading this, and you would like to see things happen, you have to do more than read this page.

Your Arkhieros continues to Honor the Gods in the usual ways, but at his own time and convenience rather than communally. We'll be happy to change this calendar and restore as many public events as people want, but the people have to do the work. This means you!


Herewith the Months of the Year, and the events which ought to be held during them.

Month of Hekatombaion, began at Sundown on 28 June 2014, C.E., at Sundown.


The Month of Metageitnion began on 27 July 2014, C.E., at Sundown.


The Month of Boedromion began on 26 August 2014, C.E., at Sundown.

Dromena He Demeter

The Month of Püanepsion began on 25 September 2015, C.E. at Sundown.


On , Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10, 11 and 12 October 2014, C.E., we will celebrate the Apaturia, which may include Men's Mysteries. This is a campout event at the seashore. This is for Men and Boys Only. Call or Write for Details. This will be at Point Reyes National Seashore!

Dromena Ho Hermes

The Month of Maimakterion begins on 24 October 2014, C.E. at Sundown.

Maimakterion & Pompaiea


The Month of Poseideon A begins on 23 November 2014, C.E., at Sundown.

Rustic Dionüsia

The Month of Poseideon B begins on 22 December 2014, C.E., at Sundown.

Time off, or an extra Dromena

The Month of Gamelion begins on 21 January 2015, C.E., at Sundown.


The Month of Anthesteria begins on 19 February 2015, C.E. at Sundown.


The Month of Elaphebolion begins on 21 March 2015, C.E. at Sundown.

Greater Dionüsia

The Month of Munikhion begins on 19 April 2015, C.E. at Sundown.


The Month of Thargelion begins on 18May 2015, C.E. at Sundown.


The Month of Skirophorion begins on 17 June 2015, C.E. at Sundown.

Hero Festival in honor of the Birthday of Sokrates, with a dromena in honor of the God Asklepios.

Year 26 will begin on 16 July 2015, 2791 AKO, the Third Year of the 698th Olümpiad.

We here offer many, many thanks to Maureen Reddington-Wilde and Craig Counterman whose Olümpiad Calendar is of constant and enormous help. That most excellent Olympiad Calendar can be accessed on the Net at


When you get there, click on the year icon to go to the detailed monthly calendar. The calendar does a wonderful job of listing traditional festivals and the dates on which, in Ancient Times, they were traditionally held.

It is worth noting that the Ancients had few qualms about moving some of the dates around to fit circumstance when need arose, so we are on solid ground in trying to fit our festivals somewhere near the proper dates.

We hope that in the coming years we will be able to find suitable venues for more events featuring dancing and athletic competitions. Remember that the idea of competition is central to Hellenic culture; it is not whether you win or lose that is important to the Gods, but whether or not you make the efffort to compete in Their honor.

Big houses or buildings for overnight events are also always in short supply. If you think you might be able to help, please communicate with us!

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