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Centerfold Picture of the Month

For January, 2001


The touching picture above is of an Indian Rhinoceros, and comes to us from Animal Magazine on the World Wide Web. Even after this long, I learned some new things about this beautiful variety of rhinoceros from reading the brief article which accompanied the picture. As a bonus for your visit, you can send the above picture as a postcard to someone you love. To visit Animal Magazine, just click on the link below.

Animal Magazine


And Please Click Here to Visit The International Rhino Foundation, which is working hard to save these beautiful and highly endagered creatures from extinction. In addition to information, you will find links to web sites all over the world working to save the five Rhino species from extinction. There are sites with Rhino related items for sale, and there is even a Bowling For Rhinos fund raiser listed. You can even send Rhino Postcards!


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Those Of You Who Know the Rhino Will Understand Why We Chose This Particularly Elegant Fractel Background.

It is used with the permission and generous help of Mr. Randy D. Ralph, If you follow the next link, it will take you to his wonderful IconBazaar site, where you will find many graphic delights.


If You Are the Sort of Person Who Would Like to Keep Wonderful and Beautiful Creatures Like the Rhinocereos Alive and Well, and Who Likes to Send E-Postcards, E-Mail, and Use a Green Search Engine, Then You Might Like to Click on This Link, and Visit Care2

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One last thing: the music for this page is the overture to Janacek's Opera "The Makropolous Case," a science fiction tale of lust, perjury, and dangerous chemistry, based on the play by Karel Capek, who also wrote "R.U.R," which gave us the word "robot."