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Here it is, the first new Westria Novel since 1993! Click on the link below to get to it on Amazon.


The Golden Hills of Westria


The Pagan Man, by Isaac Bonewits

Isaac Bonewits' new book, is an excellent introduction to the topic of men in the Pagan movement. Well written and informative, he covers a lot of ground and keeps one entertained while presenting the information.


The Pagan Man 




A new book by Diana L. Paxson! This time it is not a novel, an anthology, or a collection; it is a book on using the fairly ancient Runes in various ways, including Spells, Rituals, Divination and Magick. Diana has been lecturing on this topic around the world for some years now, so it is about time a book appeared; and here it is. It is likely, of course, to be more readable than any of the other books on the topic, and will certainly be more useful than most and more accurate than many.

The small, ugly link below is what Amazon is providing us these days. Sigh.



 Posted Here on 23 June 2005


And, even though we have not posted reviews of all the other Harry Potter books as yet, it seems appropriate to our tastes that we perhaps get a little more money from this bookstore by posting the opportunity for you to order Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Yes, it is not by our tribe, and should go below into Our Own Little Bookstore; but you are more likely to see it here, and we have much updating to do down there. So, please, if you are planning on getting it, order it from us: we need the money!

Posted here on 23 February 2005


In case you can't read the Tiny Type in the Ugly Box above: this is the newest edition of Marion Zimmer Bradley's highly successful Swords and Sorceress' Anthologies, now being edited by her literary heir, Diana L. Paxson.

The Tiny Type in the Ugly Box above tells you that Lynn Abbey has revived the Thieves' World Anthologies. These stories are set about twenty years after the last of the previous stories. Diana L. Paxson has new characcters, the children of Lalo and Gilla, and if you enjoyed the previous collections there is a good chance you will enjoy these. 

And here is the second of the new Thieves World Anthologies, complete with a story by Diana L. Paxson and her Son, Ian Michael Grey, who now continuues the Greyhaven Literary Dynasty. 


Diana L. Paxson continues Marion Zimmer Bradley's Avalon epic by connecting Marion's Fall of Atlantis to the beginnings of Avalon. Click on the picture above to get to the novel on Amazon.

Posted 5 July 2004


On our shelf as of May 10, 2001 

We haven't done a review yet of Priestess of Avalon, but maybe we don't need to do one. It is the last book Marion started before her death. It was finished by Diana L. Paxson, who worked with her on the previous two Avalon books. If you admire either of these two writers, you will probabaly want it.

To give some more detail: it is about Helena, the mother of Constantine, the first Christian Emperor of the Roman Empire. British tradition has it that Helena was an initiate at Avalon, and history gives some credence to the possibility. Whatever history may sanction, it is a great springboard for a story; and from Diana's reading from the book on May 5th, my guess is that the possibilities are realized. Chronologically, it surrounds the middle section of Lady of Avalon.

You can get the hardback by clicking here.

You can get an abridged audio version of the book by clicking here.


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