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These are the reviews most recently posted to the store. They are placed in this alcove to make it easier for regular visitors to see what has been added to our inventory. When we post new reviews we move the last batch into the appropriate place in the bookstore proper.

This Batch was Posted 28 May 2010


Orpheus and Greek Religion, by W. K. C. Guthrie

The Greek Qabalah: Alphabetic Mysticism and Numerology in the Ancient World, by Kieren Barry

The Wine Critic’s Choice, by Jack Smith

Rasta Dogs, by Z. Budapest

American Gods, by Neil Gaiman

The Old Curiosity Shop, by Charles Dickens

The Frogs, by Aristophanes, in a modern translation by Richmond Lattimore

A Difficulty With Dwarves, by Craig Shaw Gardner

The Riverworld Books:

To Your Scattered Bodies Go, by Phillip Jose Farmer

The Fabulous Riverboat, by Phillip Jose Farmer

The Dark Design, by Phillip Jose Farmer

The Magic Labyrith, by Phillip Jose Farmer

Gods of Riverworld, by Phillip Jose Farmer

Riverworld and Other Stories, by Phillip Jose Farmer


And that's it for the New Reviews as of 9 June 2010