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The Gordian Knot WebRing

by Pyrokanthos

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Technitai Dionusou (The Artists of Dionysos) is a really splendid site! So interesting that I got terribly involved at the end of my visit, running through links, and forgot completely my intention to rush right back here and list it as a link: don't you make the same mistake! It is, as you might guess from the title, a site devoted to Dionysos and things Dionysian, and it does an excellent job. The best theater links I have encountered, and on my most recent visit, a link to a site in Hellas that supplies excellent (though expensive) copies of ancient stautes, even in life size! And which also supplies replica pottery! But that's just the links: wait till you see the other stuff, including the Temple.

 It is not an easy thing in the season of Dionysos to find performances of the kind of theater that our Cultural Ancestors enjoyed. Surfing the net did, however, turn up Didaskalia, a site connected with a magazine on Ancient Theater, produced by the University of California at Berkeley. It features a page devoted to listing performances of the Ancient Plays all around the world. Alas, the page was last updated in the Summer of 1999, making it an artifact of the last century; but with luck the people in charge will get back on the job. And in the meantime, there is a splendid digital model of the Theater of Dionysos at Athens as it was in the Roman Period, which is well worth the visit. There are many other interesting things on the site as well, though it's a shame they missed out on Shotgun's Bacchae.

 The University of California's Nemea Web Site. Here you will find information on the excavations, history, myths, and many other interesting things. about the site of one of the four great Pan Hellenic Games. Nemea is also the place where the Nemean Games are being revived and where the historically and archeologically significant Temple of Nemean Zeus is being reconstructed from the original remains. This is some of the most exciting work being done today, and may prove pivotal in our understanding of the Ancient World.



Vlassis G. Rassias is a Major Figure in the revival of the worship of the Ancient Gods. He has written many books, is a founding member of several orgnizations; and the page has an enormous number of links, as well as photoes of Hellenic Sacred Sites. We do recommend a visit!


And Lest Anyone Forget That The Body Is The Temple Of the Soul: How Could Anything Could Be More Ancient Hellenic than The World's Greatest Athlete?


Below therefore please find pictures of Roman Sebrle of the Czech Republic, the Winner of the Decathlon at Athens in 2004, and now the World's Greatest Athlete. The picture to the left is his portrait before the competition. The center picture is of his competition in the javelin, which took him clearly ahead of his competitors. To the right is his victory portrait.

Roman Sebrle is currently the only athelete to have scored 9000 points, although his Olympic score was slightly lower; but still a record.


Sebrle wins again Sebrle continuesSebrle wins


May Zeus watch over him in his competitions until once again the world's athletes gather to restore the Olympic Peace with honorable contest.

Note: in this year, 2004, the United Nations called for a resolution of Olympic Peace. Sadly, the nations which were at war did not bother to heed the resolution. Our prayers go up to Zeus that someday the Olympic movement will have the force and power to exclude nations which war during this Sacred Time, and that nations will take seriously such an exclusion. The athletes who competed from opposing sides in various wars showed courage and good sense in treating each other well and respectfully during this time of honorable competition. May the heads of their nations take notice.

At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, the winner of the decathlon was Erki Nool, of Estonia. He won with a score of 8.641, thus succeeding Dan O'Brien to the title. Below you will find a picture of Erki Nool, and below that a little more information.



Athletics (or, if you will, Track and Field) is not a very popular area of sport in the United States. Americans tend to favor team sports, though of late they seem to have developed an interest and respect for Tennis, and Golf (which has not been contested in the Olympics, as I recall, for nearly a hundred years). In the rest of the world there seems to be more respect for individual accomplishment. If you would like to know how much, do a Net search for Erki Nool; and note how many websites, in how many different languages, you find listed.

Herewith, our congratulations to Erki Nool, the World's Greatest Athlete, 2000.


We Also Offer You the Wonderful Picture Below. If You Click On It, You Will Be Taken To Dan O'Brien's Personal Site.

Alas, Dan O'Brien was the World's Greatest Athlete from 1996 through 2000. An injury prevented him from competing in the Sydney Olympic Games. It is our hope that he makes a complete recovery, and comes back strong at Athens in 2004. I realize that may seem unlikely to some, but O'Brien's attitudes have been very helpful to me, and I sure hope they are to him. Besides, the Sydney Games showed the world that just because you are 30 doesn't mean you are out of the competition.

Hang in there Dan! You've still got some goals to conquer!





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