This site is dedicated to the brave men of the
To those who gave their all and are still 'standing watch' over Sundra Strait, those who suffered and died in the Japanese Prison Camps
and to my father David C. Flynn


Every object on this site is linked: Just Click! All the USS HOUSTON Crew are listed in alphabetic groups. All Bio's of the crew men are linked to their last name. Drill down to your man's last name. IF the name is highlighted, click on the last name and the man's bio will load. Every thing is in 'progress' and published for comments and all suggestions all welcomed. Crew and Scrapbook albums are continually being added to. Once I have a few new entries I republish. Most of the pictures will enlarge. Hold the cursor in the lower right hand corner of the picture, click the icon. I hope you will enjoy the site.

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