(SHORT TERM PERIOD TENANCY)

 THIS AGREEMENT, entered into this day of _______19__ , by and between Ted and Judy Barcelon and _________________________ hereinafter called respectively lessor and lessee.
   WITNESSETH: That for and in consideration of the payment of the rents and the performance of the covenants contained on the part of the lessee, said lessor does hereby demise and let unto the lessee, and lessee hires from lessor for use  as a residence those premises described as a 2 Bedroom House with about 1386 sq.  ft. on about 1/2 acre of land, fronting the south fork of the Eel River,  located at 814 Forest Drive, Redway, California, for a tenancy period commencing on 12 Noon of ___________ and ending on 12 Noon of _____________ at a  rental rate of $_______ dollars payable in advance on or before ___________.
 It is further mutually agreed between the parties as follows:
 1. Security Deposit Due upon signing of lease:$_________ as a security deposit. The house is to be cleaned by the Lessee before lessee leaves. The house is to be as clean as when lessee arrived. Lessor may use, therefrom, such amounts  as are reasonably necessary to remedy Lessee default in the payment of rent, to repair damages caused by Lessee or by a guest or licenses of the Lessee or to clean  premises, If necessary, upon termination of tenancy and to replace or return  personal property or appurtenances exclusive of ordinary wear and tear. No
later  than two weeks after the Lessee has vacated the premises, the Lessor shall  return the deposit or furnish the Lessee with an itemized written statement of  the basis for and the amount of any security received and the disposition of the  security and shall return any remaining portion of the security to the Lessee.
 No refund due to cancellation from Lessee.
 2. Said premises shall be occupied by no more than ___ adults and ___ children.
 3. Lessee may keep a pet on the premises. All Pets are to be listed below.
 4. Lessee shall not violate any city ordinance or state law In or about said premises.
 5. That all alterations, additions, or improvements made in and to said premises shall, unless otherwise provided by written agreement between the  parties hereto, be the property of Lessor and shall remain upon and be surrendered with the premises.
 6. Lessee shall not sub-let the demised premises, or any part thereof, or assign this agreement without the lessor's written consent.
 7. Any failure by lessee to pay rent or other charges promptly when due, or to  comply with any other term or condition hereof, shall at the option of the  lessor, and after lawful notice given, forthwith terminate this tenancy.
 8. Lessee shall keep and maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary  condition at all times and upon the termination of the tenancy shall surrender  the premises to the lessor in as good condition as when received, ordinary wear  and damage by the elements excepted.
 9. Except as to any condition which makes the premises untenantable lessee  hereby waives all rights to make repairs at the expense of the lessor as  provided in Section 1942 of said Civil Code of the State of Calif., and all  rights provided in Section 1941 of said Civil Code.
 10. The Lessor shall pay for all water, gas, heat, light, power and all other  services except as herein provided, supplied to said premises. Any miss use or  over use of utilities will be billed directly to the lessee.
 11. Nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed as waiving any of  lessor's rights under the laws of the State of California.
 12. The prevailing party in an action brought for the recovery of rent or other  moneys due or to become due under this lease or by reason of a breach of any  covenant herein contained or for the recovery of the possession of said  premises, or to compel the performance of anything agreed to be done herein, or  to recover for damages to said property, or to enjoin any act contrary to the provisions hereof, shall be awarded all of the costs in connection therewith,  Including, but not
by way of limitation, reasonable attorney's fees.
 13. Holding Over: Any holding over after the expiration of this tenancy without  the consent of the Lessor, shall be construed as a day-to-day tenancy at a  rental rate of $100.00 per day and in accordance with the term hereof, as applicable.
 14. Lessor's Insurance: Lessor shall maintain Fire and Hazard Insurance covering the improvements throughout the lease term. Lessor's Insurance will not  insure Lessee's personal property. Lessee agrees to hold Lessor harmless on all and any insurance and liability matters.
 15. Remarks: See attached Rule and Instructions.
 IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this agreement in duplicate the day and year first above written.

  DATE: _____          SS#: ______________                    DL#: ______________

  PH#: _______________                 EMG. PH#: ________________-

                                                       ADDRESS: _______________________
DATE: _________

 Ted & Judy Barcelon (LESSOR)
328 Willow Glen Ct. Healdsburg, Ca. 95448 (707) 433-9153 EMG.(707) 575-3002