The Gateless Checkpoint of the Zen Lineage

Chan Zong Wumen Guan (J. Mumonkan)


By Wumen Huikai (1183-1260, J. Mumon Ekai)


Translated by Gregory Wonderwheel © 2007




20.  A Person of Great Power


Venerable Songyuan said, "What is the reason a person of Great Power does not happen to lift their feet?”  He also said, "Speaking does not depend on the tongue going up.”  


Wumen says:  Songyuan may think he pours out his intestines and empties his stomach, but he is a yawning man shouldering the responsibility.   Although, in spite of the fact one is direct and bends down to shoulder the responsibility, it is proper and good to come to Wumen’s place and suffer the pain of the stick.  Why? To urge you who desire to know genuine gold to look within the fire.


The Ode says:

Lifting the feet to walk over rivers and oceans,

Lowering the head to overlook the four Dhyana heavens,

One single complete body without location manifests,

. . .  Please, continue this one line.



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