The Gateless Checkpoint of the Zen Lineage

Chan Zong Wumen Guan (J. Mumonkan)


By Wumen Huikai (1183-1260, J. Mumon Ekai)


Translated by Gregory Wonderwheel 2007




8. Zizhong Makes a Cart


Venerable Yuean asked the monks, "Zizhong made a cart with one hundred spokes. Twist to remove the two hubs and discard them, then remove the spokes. What limit does this job make clear?


Wumen Says: If even directly below you are able to be clear, then your eye is like a shooting star and your function as if snatching away lightening.


The Ode Says:

The function of the wheel is to turn in place.

Those who attain are still confused.

Four dimensions, above, below,

South, north, east, and west.



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