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                Please fill-out and return this notice -- and copy and circulate notice to others..

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that
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__ I am a KPFA listener.
__ I am currently a financial contributor and/or I currently volunteer my time to KPFA.
__ I have contributed money and/or volunteered my time to KPFA in the past.
I believe the Board of Directors of The Pacifica Foundation has acted with gross abuse of their authority or discretion, dishonest acts, and /or fraud and should be removed as directors of The Pacifica Foundation.

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Please sign and return this notice:
            Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board
            1136 Wild Rose Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

The Committee will submit your Declaration, along with thousands of others, as an "Exhibit" to the Superior Court for the State of California, County of Alamenda, in our case People ex. rel. Spooner, et al v Pacifica Foundation, et al.

To contribute to our legal fund, please make your check payable to "The Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board." And mail to 1136 Wild Rose Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. Contributions are NOT tax deductible, but your support of the cause of free speech radio is invaluable. Special tax deduction arrangements can be made for contributions of $500 or more. Call Carol Spooner at (707) 526-2867 for details. Thank you. -- Carol Spooner, Organizer
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