"Dirty Mind"
I'm sure you can imagine, it's simple as can be
The place & the process, the players: he & she.

She whispers "Will it hurt?".  "Of course not",
says he.  It's only a simple process, just rely on

She says "I'm awfully frightened, I've never done
this before." He starts to convince her, it
will not hurt much more.

It's getting rather painful the tears came to her
eyes; It is so very painful, it must be quite a

"Now calm yourself, darling," and his face, it
held no sin, "Open slightly sideways, so I can get
more in."

Suddenly with a jump, she gave a little shout.  She
thought, "It's over now, he finally pulled it

Now as you read this carefully, he's a dentist you
will find.  NOT what you were thinking, it's ...

Just Your Dirty Mind!!!